Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ok, so now i am off and running I think i might talk about what i have just watched on tv. It was the series finale of a show called 'Satisfaction', a locally produced drama set in a Melbourne brothel. While this is definitely not the sort of thing that I thought i would be entertained by,( I am a little bit of a prude), I must say I have been quite entertained by this series. There are a lot of boobs and some extremely strange sexual requests but in this summer drought of good tv, this show has filled a gap. There are some quite well known faces eg Allyson White and Madeleine West who do a terrific job, then there are some other not as well known actors who are also not as good at acting and a lot of faces that you know you have seen somewhere else but you can't quite remember! It was fun to watch the goings on of a modern day brothel and I think I shall miss the ladies of 232.

I have read that a second series is about to go into production, so enough people have obviously watched this first series!


Kell said...

I have also watched this series and am awaiting the second. It has started to air on Fox but alas, we don't have pay TV.

stopme said...

oh wow, that sounds interesting. ive never heard of it. do you think i could find the torrent for it or something? hmm.

Tom Bailey said...

I have never heard of this show... it sounds like it could make for interesting television.

Tom Bailey

raven said...

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