Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ok, so now i am off and running I think i might talk about what i have just watched on tv. It was the series finale of a show called 'Satisfaction', a locally produced drama set in a Melbourne brothel. While this is definitely not the sort of thing that I thought i would be entertained by,( I am a little bit of a prude), I must say I have been quite entertained by this series. There are a lot of boobs and some extremely strange sexual requests but in this summer drought of good tv, this show has filled a gap. There are some quite well known faces eg Allyson White and Madeleine West who do a terrific job, then there are some other not as well known actors who are also not as good at acting and a lot of faces that you know you have seen somewhere else but you can't quite remember! It was fun to watch the goings on of a modern day brothel and I think I shall miss the ladies of 232.

I have read that a second series is about to go into production, so enough people have obviously watched this first series!

I guess this is it!

Well, I guess this is it. I am taking the plunge and starting my own blog. I have decided that maybe I am brave enough to commit words to the big wide web world. No doubt this blog will at times contain personal life stuff, but I imagine most of the time it will contain 'crap' about films, tv, books etc because that is what i really love to chat about.

Since becoming a mother a few years ago, I have not taken the chance to write alot, so I am hoping

that my writing improves with time. I probably have a little while to practice before anyone catches on that I am actually doing this!!! So onward and upward, I say let's do this thing!!!!